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[08 Aug 2007|11:12pm]
i'm in a rut. not only am i in a rut, but i just feel constantly exhausted and drained-not to mention overwhelmed with the amount of crap i need to do. i wake up with a nice sore back from sleeping on a pull-out sofa, after minimum amounts of sleep (2 kittens+studio=not good idea.) the thought of going to work or class just makes me want to cry. i drag myself there...but even when i return to the apt, i dont want to be there. there's no place i want to be, and i don't know what to do about this. the summer IS almost over, thank goodness.

things to be done:
-pack up all earthly possesions (GAH)
-figure out the cable situation
-move kittens currently kept illegaly in studio into 2 bdrm apt where they are allowed.
-somehow, between 2 of 3 jobs, check out new apt and make sure everything's clean/working on the 10th
-move furniture into new apartment by the 13th
-CLEAN old apartment top to bottom by the 17th
-bring kittens back to vet on 17th
-head home to deal with mother and wedding plans
-talk to boss of fall job about your lack of times to work in the fall
-panic at this thought, because you need to not only pay board but pay off pony until dec. (do i have the money? yes. but i have a feeling as things are apt to do, that when mola is tight, something huge and expensive will happen. joy.)
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Bert and Ernie [28 Jul 2007|11:54pm]
i think my kittens may have worms. more specifically, bert has them, although his brother probably does now as well.
currently skeeved out.

they went to the vet for the first time on Friday, on my way home to NY from PA for the weekend. had their first set of shots and a de-wormer. bert had a rough time with it, not wanting me to touch him and flinching away from me for the 24 hours following, (which was rough, he IS my little cuddler...)but returning to normal this past afternoon. however, i noticed tonight, his butt looks sore. then, as i was scooping the litter box, i found what looked like a piece of string. then it occurred to me that it may be, and most likely is, a worm. thus, my current state of slight panic and worry. to be as juvenile as possible-ew.

vet is currently 3.5 hours away, although i am planning on heading home tomorrow. do vets have office hours on Sundays? probably not-and dammit, i know that worms aren't an EMERGENCY-most kittens come with them, and this is most likely just a side effect of the wormer-he's passing the adults that were in his system, and he'll just need to be re-wormed in a few weeks to completely wipe them out. the biology major in me knows this. but the rest of me....is just saying EW.
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[12 Jul 2007|02:27pm]
I am picking up my 2 kittens on SATURDAY, i am very excited. Technically, I shouldn't be getting them until August 10th, you know, when I'm actually ALLOWED pets-but my reasons for getting them early are numerous.
1. I want them fully litter-trained before the fiance meets them. Being farm cats, they've never been around a litter box, although I am assured they'll pick it up quick.
2. Seeing as the girl's damn dog already killed off one of the kittens i want, I'm nervous about leaving them there any longer then neccassry.
3. I'm horribly selfish, and i want them NOW.

They're set for their first vet visit on the 27th (this vet apparently books up fast-but he was the most reasonably priced in my damn college town)
They also come with names, which I'm thinking of changing. The boy (orange tabby) is Ernie (which I don't mind), and the little girl is Coca (she deserves better!). Not too much fun, I know I can do better.
the boy is very playful and cute, the girl is more quiet and will sit in someones lap for quite some time.

For the girl: Chloe, Zoe, Phoebe, Keira, Kailen.
For the boy: Milo? Otis?
haha, any good suggestions?

the little girl:

the little man:

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[26 Jun 2007|03:48pm]
so...current dilemna: i'm moving into a 2 bedroom apt in about a month and a half. i had already decided to have one cat (which is in our lease,) but i've now decided to sneak in another. my landlord is a lazy man who spends his days hiding from his tenants. i very highly doubt he'd ever think to actually count the animals in the apt. anyway, while numerous people have relatively new litters, i decided to go with the first person who told me about their new arrivals. BUT-theyre ALL so cute. so help me decide! i'll try my best to describe their personalities.

(These names are temporarily assigned to them by their current owners)

Dora: I'm 99.9% certain this little girl is coming with me. she's mainly calico on her body, with orange tabby stripes on her legs, with really soft fur.(cool coloring, huh?) i went up into the hay loft, sat down, and she climbed into my lap and started purring. she stayed there for quite some time, looking up at me, leaving only to roll down my leg and nibble on my shirt. uh, ADORABLE?!

Bert and Ernie: The two boys of the group. Bert is all orange tabby, whereas ernie is orange tabby with a white face and white socks. both boys are very playful and do love getting pets, although vanessa says right now that they're not quite the lovers that the girls are. Ernie attracted me more then Bert, which is why I'm leaning towards him. He was cute, playing with pieces of hay, and I did catch him and Dora playing later on. Fate, eh?

Coca and Tiger: The last two little ladies. Tiger is the smallest, and mainly a brown tabby, and she didn't really connect with me. Coca is similar to Dora, with mainly calico and some tabby, although a bit more tabby. Coca didn't do too much with me until Vanessa left, when I had said that I was leaning towards Dora and Ernie-and then she came over, and just LOOKED at me. she was purring and was just adorable.

so-Dora and Ernie? Or Dora and Coca? Or WHAT?! Pics forthcoming:-P
Reminder: Fiance has never had cats, so while i love cat personalities, i do want a playful cat for him to relate to... should be interesting to see how he does with TWO kittens, haha.
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[30 May 2007|04:26pm]
had my first meeting with people from the 2nd job of the summer-aka, trail guide to woodward camp. met the 2 other new people, as well as the girl i already knew, and we went out on a trail ride. it was AWESOME. trail horses seem to normally fall at one of 2 ends of the spectrum-either completly dead on their feet, or slightly psycho horses who take off for home as soon as they can. the horse i rode, at least, seemed to be quite good-his name was ebony, and he was a doll:-)

leaving for GA tomorrow-10.5 hours of driving-what fun:-P

and just because i can, a picture of Captain, the current love of my life. although reluctant to do so, i think i want to persuade his owners to sell. he's only 6, and even though hes 14H, i still feel that he can have a lot of potential.

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[30 Apr 2007|09:49pm]
To add to my hectic life, I finally decided to lease the halfinger, Captain. He's only 6 years old, 14 hands, and SO adorable. He has a plethora of bad habits-lipping people, trying to swing his body around to see everything around him, problems with water on his neck (not to mention he's SO out of shape, as he's had the entire winter and beginning of spring off since his owner is pregnant)...but he's also very willing under saddle after the intial testing, is very intelligent and curious, and doesn't spook at ANYTHING. i mean ANYTHING. he was lipping a metal garbage can and knocked it over-obvioulsy it made a HUGE noise, scared the crap out of ME, but he just kind of looked at it like, "where's the food?" people on dirt bikes go roaring by-nothing. i think that's what drew me to him... i need a confidence booster after breaking the ol' wrist last fall, and i think he's it.
we;re going to do a 1 month lease, see how i like him once i get him back into shape, and then we'll go from there...his owner wants to do something long-term as she IS almost due and already has 2 little ones at home...aka, little time to ride anyway. she's also dropped hints that she may be willing to sell if i was really interested after a bit, which is nice.

me and the cutie...

i even convinced the fiance to get on him! i'm trying desperately to get him involved with horses...i think learning how to post the trot will help out significantly:-P (note captain: 'what is this big guy DOING on me?!")
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[26 Apr 2007|11:13pm]
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[12 Apr 2007|11:42pm]
RIP Rikku
December 2004-April 2007

bad angle...but her first day in the 3 story home:-)

she was, quite frankly, the best hamster i've ever had. never bit, she never put a toe out of line. she even hooked my rodent-shy fiance. she'll be sorely missed.
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[12 Apr 2007|01:26am]
my hamster, rikku, is gone. i'm devasted.

a few weeks ago i found her slumped, barely breathing, and unsteady-i found out she must have had a stroke. i was told that sometimes they dont, but most of the times they do recover. she had been slowly improving on her own...still a little unsteady, so i removed the wheel from her cage and put her water and food closer to her little house.

i had just had her out for a little stroll a little while ago, put her back in her cage, and heard her moving around, so i assumed everything was fine. but she's gone.

and i know people will tell me i'm silly, that it's just a hamster...but i'm crushed all the same.
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[14 Feb 2007|12:30am]
I get so sad when you sort of know someone, but still consider them a friend, but then they go and do something that just hurts you, and makes it pretty clear that they don't feel the same way. Either that, or they're just bitter and vindictive. Either way.

Long story made short: I put in for a promotion as trainer at work. The supervising trainer, without ever talking to me, decided that I couldn't do it- long before the promotion descisions are to be made. She claimed it was due to my 'student teaching,' and after finding this out, I wanted to tell her that I would be assigned to a school nearby due to my major, and could do it. But I didn't see her for a week, and asked fiance to tell her for me. She goes and gets bitchy, telling him there's NO way I could or would want to do it. They fight, and the other trainers take sides. Bad situation. I find out that she's an education major too, but is quitting before student teaching.

Thus: She's projecting her insecurities on me, and decided that if she couldn't do it that I couldn't either. AKA, tried to make a descison for me which is not hers to make, obviously.

AND here's the kicker, kids: My mother is a teacher. I've been around teachers my whole life. I already have a TEACHING voice, for god's sake. I'm made for this job, I've been programmed to do well. It's so damn effortless. It just pisses me off that she would go and do this without even consulting with me first. I only found out she had written me off from yet another trainer. I've been to parties with her, the movies...it's just weird to find out that someone you considered a semi-friend would go and act like this. It'd be one thing if we didn't even know each other but...ugh. I'm going to her higher-up tomorrow, but I'll be classy. I won't bring up the incidence, I'll simply be speaking about how much I enjoy working there and how I would do a damn fine job.

In other news, it's snowing like WHOA here. Bad time for me to start shopping for a horse, but I find myseld doing so irregardless. School is going well; I'm hoping to get as close to my last semester grade of 3.8 as I can; but with all Biology/Science courses, it'll be rough. Going to the gym five times a week. I'm not as concerned with my weight as I once was; I really just want my solid core of muscle back. I'll always weigh more then people think, and that's just fine with me. I just want to be able to run three miles, bench press my own weight, and do unassisted chinups. Nothing like putting the bar too hight, eh?:-)

I just can't wait until I'm down with college. Only 1 and 1/2 more years...
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[04 Jan 2007|10:26pm]
Now that I'm sick, with my temp soaring to close 102 (rachel's dizzy, wheee!) time to write up the new year's resolutions.
1. Lose 20 pounds total. 10 by Spring break (March 10), another 10 by the end of May.

2. Get a 3.5 MINIMUM on my upcoming semester(Spring '07). I'm almost done with school-guess it's time to stop slackin off, eh?

3. Put at least $1,000 dollars in the bank. AKA, I need to start working part-time again while at school. Bah.

4. Start taking formal english lessons again. This may conflict slightly with #3, but I don't want to spend too long away from the horses, so I think it'll be money well spent (as I'm sure all horsie people would agree:-p).

5. Start the hunt for a car, a needed instrument when student teaching could be up to 40 minutes away. I need 0% financing and good gas mileage...bah again.

6. Plan a kick-ass wedding for early summer of '08.
*Whew* I'll be a busy girl, eh?
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[12 Dec 2006|04:10am]
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[06 Nov 2006|06:44pm]

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    [11 Sep 2006|02:21pm]
    i have a freakin screw inside of my wrist. how many effin people get to say THAT?! currently woozy/high on vicodine...major painkillers=luverly:-)
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    [13 Aug 2006|11:09pm]
    [ mood | depressed ]

    so, what do all the cool kids do at the end of the summer? break a bone, of course! yes, in case you can't tell, i did just that. more specifically, my wrist. and to be even more specific,my scaphoid bone; aka, the worst bone EVER to break, and something that will require several months of a cast, and at the end of that, possibly surgery, with several more months of rehab. whoot. im quite the skilled cool kid. *sigh* ...at least my cast is currently hot pink...although i cant do certain things. such as, oh...cutting my food, pulling back my hair....yeah. at least my cast is hot pink-bahL:-(

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    [01 Aug 2006|01:16pm]
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    [19 Jul 2006|12:55pm]

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    The Continuing Saga of First Horse [11 Jul 2006|01:51pm]
    Well, the quest for my first horse is still on! i've met with quite a few people so far; but i still haven't found MY horse, if you know what i mean. i'm basically doing this by myself at the moment; my trainer is in the middle of PA, and i'm in NY until september. i'd love any input on a few horses that i'm looking at; any conformation flaws or 'red flags' i should note.

    A Few OptionsCollapse )
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    [24 Jun 2006|11:12pm]
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    [16 Jun 2006|02:22pm]

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